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Originally from Staffordshire, where She first learned and honed her artistic skills, Sue has now lived in the New Forest, for over 10 years, where she also enjoys macro photography capturing some of the area’s most beautiful features as well as its wildlife. Sue’s attention to detail, in her paintings, has won her plaudits from both delighted clients and observers.Over the years by being asked by family and friends to paint pet portraits for them Sue has moved onto painting landscape of the local New Forest and coastline featuring the tiniest of insects through to colourful coastline and beach huts all in precise detail.Sue’s preferred medium is water colour through which she is able to build up layers to create depth and realism to her paintings, Sue also produces fine art in watercolour pencil (see the golfer picture), acrylic and pencil.Sue continues to provide detailed, high quality pet portraits as well as the other specialist subjects that she produces in fine art. Sue paints on commission basis using either her own, or photography provided for her. Sue is happy to advise on how best to provide features in photography in order for this to shine through in her art

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Art adds a real beauty to the lives of those who experience it, which serves as inspiration to truly touch people with our collection. FineArtbySue is a distinguished Online Art Shop, with specially curated pieces and fair prices for high quality art. Collectors and casual art buyers alike can’t get enough of our impressive and varied selection of works. Browse our site and get in touch with questions.

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One of the guiding principles of our shop is that everyone should be able to enjoy art. FineArtbySue is a convenient and interactive space for both art enthusiasts and collectors to find pieces that cater to a wide array of tastes.  Not sure where to start? Just get in touch with Sue and she will happily guide you through the art selection process.

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