"Hi, hope everyone is having a good start to 2021 and like me looking forward to getting out of lockdown! I've had my first jab and just can't wait to getting life back to normal. I've had a few commissions recently and pleased to show them on this page, 2 cats, 1 dog and an Orangutan! Currently I'm just finishing a cat for a new client and working on a picture of  3 Hungarian Vizslas's. I'm doing these on larger size paper so can now offer portraits in A4 and A3 sizes"

To see the detail in the art please click on the image below

Teddy.jpg  cat portrait
orangiutan.jpg  Orangutan painting

More often than not I get asked to paint portraits of pet dogs but just recently I painted these two lovely cats, who meant much to their owners and also, as a special request, an Orangutan with her baby

Joey 2.jpg    Cat Portrait

Now this is Billy and I was very pleased how he turned out. Below is the original photo I had to work with and alongside is my portrait. To make things even better for me was to receive this lovely email from Claire to say how much they enjoyed the portrait

Original Billy.jpg